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Get connected to citywifi Premium by following instructions below

Step 1.

Go to and click on “Click here to download your Enterprise Wi-Fi installer”

Step 2.

In the search field, type “citywifi” then select “citywifi” in the list

Step 3.

Select the installer corresponding to your operating system

Step 4.

Launch the installer. Accept the security authorisations. Check that it corresponds to the “citywifi Premium” profile. Click next

Step 5.

Click “OK” to continue with installation

Step 6.

Enter your credentials: username ( and password

Step 7.

Verify that the certificates represent HOTCITY S.A. and accept the installation

Step 8.

Click “Finish” to complete the installation

Step 9.

Chose “citywifi Premium” in the list of available networks. You should now automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network

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